Die singenden Knocken

Die singenden Knocken


7:00 pm - 11:30 pm


Willows Nest
Boxhagener Strasse 61, Berlin, 10245

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‘Die singenden Knochen’ is the newborn sound project by Francis Flux and Roberta Busechian (spazio (T)Raum). Slipping into the cracks between live performance, sonic act and ritual,  Die singenden Knochen is a sound journey through organic textures, live processing and beat-less composition that suspends time. The artistic duo creates an acoustic and visual landscape that inspires bridges between the heard and the un-hearable, the seen and the un-seen. Weaving and processing sound spontaneously from organic materials within a performance art context, the work turns field recordings inside-out. Playing with perception, proxemics of sound and objects installation, Die singenden Knochen is an alive work-in-process dedicated to the unknown realm, that would change its features at every act, yet remaining the same.

‘Die singenden Knochen’ is:


Francis Flux

Originally from Italy, Francis Flux is a Berlin based visual artist, performer and researcher. Through digital culture, media theory, phenomenology and social science, Flux investigates in her performances the reality as relational through space, time and consciousness. In her practice, Flux uses perception as both a medium and a concept. Her time-related artwork, video and Vj work create an experience of inner and subjective time, a sense of syncronicity and simultaneous epiphanies. Her methodology of presenting / re-activating the imagery as a form of experience, generates an indirective reflexive effect on the audience and on the communities who partecipate. Her process-based work is constantly developing its processes, method and form of output, exploring the intersection within research and practice, the in-between, the liminar space

www. vimeo.com/francisflux


Roberta Busechian (spazio (T)Raum) BIO

Roberta Busechian – field recordings/ virtual ambiences sound artist and sound studies researcher. She works in the field of sound installations and interventions in the public space, with a focus on field recordings and generative listening tecniques. She is a professor for sound art in Milan, a lecturer in Venice, Trieste and Berlin. She founded and directs the activities of spazio (T)Raum

www. spaziotraum.wixsite.com/spaziotraum

Artwork by Roberta Abeni / Urbanslow:  www.urbanslow.com