We invite you to grow your musical and artistic practice at The Willows Nest through individual and group music lessons and courses. 

Develop your musical voice with a focus on production —from conception through polished work. Through exploration and experimentation and a strong critical awareness, grow your knowledge of music theory and history as you master new techniques through guided exercises, feedback and discussion.  

Group courses are cultivated with an eye on diversity of participants, topics, practices and approaches. Lessons are safe spaces to explore your own creativity, try out new techniques and get feedback. Musicians who have felt unheard, isolated or erased in other settings will find this a welcoming space.


Composer-performers will find lessons embrace a host of methodologies and experimental approaches. From extended instrumental techniques and bespoke notation, to interdisciplinary and site-specific structures.

While one-on-one lessons can be booked any time, group courses run for a specified number of sessions with the same small group to foster trust, mutual support and engagement within the format.

Private piano lessons with composition and theory available for those wishing to develop all three.

from concept through Post production - no matter the style
experiment and gain feedback in small groups
full studio for lessons, stage sound and post production