The Teaching Studio

We invite you to learn and grow your music making at The Willows aNest or online. Develop your musical voice through one-on-one or group lessons, with a focus on creation, exploration and production. Master new techniques while composing with guided explorations of music history and music theory. Composer-performers particularly welcome, and I offer piano lessons alongside composition and theory for those wishing to develop all three at once. With a carefully designed course of study designed around your own particular musical goals, you can take your work to the next level – even grow beyond your wildest dreams.
The Willows Nest is the teaching studio of composer-performer and producer Renée T. Coulombe, who has taught successful composers both privately and at institutions of higher learning in the United States and Europe for more than two decades. She received both a Masters (Columbia University) and Doctorate (University of California, San Diego) in music composition and theory, with a strong focus on music and technology. She is currently the Program Lead for Creative Music Production at the Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts and Technology, and regularly collaborates with a number of professional ensembles and creative organizations.
All styles of music including contemporary classical, acousmatic, electronic, experimental, and more are welcome with individualized instruction plans to meet your unique goals and artistic aspirations.

Individual and group lessons in music composition, improvisation, Deep Listening and music theory.

Group sessions begin in February 2022!

Drop us a line for a schedule of up.coming classes, or to find out more about lessons before booking.

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