UPDATE, May 2020: We remain closed for all in-person classes, workshops and events. We are not accepting artist-in-residence applications until further notice. We will keep you updated as meditation sessions or one-on-one classes become advisable again. Please feel free to reach out while we are maintaining social distance - we are here for in-house productions and releasing our archives and new works by our artists regularly.

The Willows Nest is a private home where artists regularly gather to grow and share their practice. A new collaborative platform, teaching studio and production studio in the heart of Friedrichshain, Berlin. We are an independent creative space without corporate or institutional funding—an art space created by participating artists who aim to build community, develop individual projects, and share their practices with like minds. We are dedicated to supporting emerging work and new artists while building networks across performing disciplines, developing communities, and present a creative entity through a safe space by sharing work through publication, live streaming and an online presence. Committed to the practices of Deep Listening, improvisation, experimentation and interdisciplinary research across the arts and sciences, we engage the arts in a new way: making them right at home.

The Willows Nest was founded by composer-performer, media artist and producer, Renée T. Coulombe whose vision of a new kind of artistic space arose during her time as Assistant Professor of Music with the University of California, Riverside.  With an aim to embrace emergent and established artistic practices and make  them accessible to everyone–via private house concerts, intimate and engaging workshops, interactive courses, networking and community events. These events are donation based, with no one turned away for lack of funds, believing world-class artistic education can happen in alternative and supportive spaces.

With a mission to sustain collaboration across borders, genres and disciplines, we’re not just trying to help artists and audiences at The Willows Nest, we want to make our neighborhood, our city, our environment and our world a better place. Fostering collaboration over competition, we seek to make the experience of great art a personal one, accessible to everyone wanting to be engaged. The space is light-filled from morning until night – on the top floor with a terrace so you are sure to catch some rays as a bonus.

See our Events page in the main menu (top) for a complete list of regularly scheduled classes, events and workshops.  Browse the Artists page to learn about the folks who will be leading or presenting.  We have discount packages for anyone wishing to attend workshops weekly – and we’ll even throw in a free house concert so it isn’t all work and no play.  Contact us via email to discuss subscription options. 

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