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The Willows Nest is a private home where artists regularly gather to grow and share their practice. A new collaborative node, teaching studio and production resource in the heart of Friedrichshain, Berlin.

We are an independent creative force—an impromptu art haven created and ever re-created by participating artists who aim to build community, develop individual projects, and share their practices with like minds. We are dedicated to supporting emerging work and new artists while building networks across performing disciplines, developing communities, and presenting through publication, live streaming and an online presence. Committed to the practices of Deep Listening™, improvisation, experimentation and interdisciplinary research across the arts and sciences, we engage the arts in a new way: making them right at home.

The Willows Nest is the home of composer-performer, media artist and producer, Renée T. Coulombe whose vision of a new kind of artistic community arose during her time as Assistant Professor of Music with the University of California, Riverside.  With an aim to embrace emergent and established artistic practices and make  them accessible to everyone–via intimate and engaging workshops, interactive online courses, networking and community events produced around Berlin. These events are often donation based, with no one turned away for lack of funds, believing world-class artistic education can happen in alternative and supportive spaces.

With a mission to sustain collaboration across borders, genres and disciplines, Renée’s work is dedicated to creating great art on an accessible scale, and creating vibrant new cross-genre work with a startling array of collaborators. Check out several of her projects, including IMprovised Alchemy Performance Collective, Banshee Media publishing and the Sounds Curious Podcast.

At The Willows Nest, we want to make our neighborhood, our city, our environment and our world a better place. Fostering collaboration over competition, we seek to make the experience of great art a personal one, accessible to everyone wanting to be engaged. 

Music Courses and Lessons

We invite you to learn and grow your musical and artistic practice at The Willows Nest through individual and group music lessons and courses. 

Develop your musical voice with a focus on production —from conception through polished work. Through exploration and experimentation and a strong critical awareness, grow your knowledge of music theory and history as you master new techniques through guided exercises, feedback and discussion.  

Group courses are cultivated with an eye on  diversity of participants, topics, practices and approaches. Lessons are safe spaces to explore your own creativity, try out new techniques and get feedback. Musicians who have felt unheard, isolated or erased in other settings will find this a welcoming space.

Composer-performers particularly welcome, as we will address the particular challenges of improvised and experimental approaches, extended instrumental technique, transmedia and installation, as well as acousmatic and electronic/concréte composition methods. 

Private piano lessons alongside traditional composition and theory for those wishing to develop all three at once. 


While one-on-one meetings and private lessons can be booked any time – group courses run for a specified number of sessions with the same small group to foster trust, mutual support and engagement within the format.  

Group and Individual classes

Drop us a line for the schedule of up coming classes, or to find out more about lessons before booking.

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Group Class - Summer 2022

Practice Course: Critical Approaches to Improvised Practices.

This practice-based course invites improvising artists from across disciplines to explore critically-based approaches to generate artistic productions. Engaging a variety of methodologies, the course seeks to engage critical approaches beyond reading at the level of creative practice, through dialogue, group and individual exercises and performance projects. Courses will include a collective reference list, determined through early discussions and based on the unique interests of each member of the group.

    • Engage critical perspectives through contemporary works of international artists through critical listening sessions exploring concepts in dialogue
    • Through individual production projects, explore methodologies to translate critical theories into process-based practices
    • Gain feedback in real time through group and solo exercises, structured improvisations and sonic meditations led by a Deep Listening certificate holder.

Start Date depends on enrollment, but the course includes 15 weeks of sessions and meets for 4 hours. Course contact will include 50 hours of instruction time, and additional 1 on 1 feedback session at the close of the course.

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Production Services

We offer full artistic and professional media production and post for a variety of private, institutional and corporate clients. 

We specialize in live recording, audio editing, mixing and mastering, as well as original scoring for film.  We love to work closely with artists in experimental or improvisational approaches to bring their media visions to life.

With extensive experience in creating performance documentaries and trailer editing, we help bring your recorded performance to new audiences through exceptionally edited and produced documentation ready for streaming or publication. 

We also offer press and concept writing for artistic projects and work with artists to articulate their vision through concept statements, press releases or creative biographies. From conception through publication and distribution, we can help bring your creative vision to a global audience. 

We can create full performance productions, interactive media or site specific installations for both institutional and corporate clients. 

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