Tool-kit for Art and Science

Tool-kit for Art and Science


12:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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Willows Nest
Boxhagener Strasse 61, Berlin, 10245

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Tool-kit for Art and Sciences

In this workshop you will learn the basis of different tools taken from science to develop artworks in a variety of formats. This workshop is oriented to people that are interested in entering a world where arts and sciences meet in the form of bio-art, electronic-art, math-art, op-art, sound-art, etc.  Students, artists, hobbyists and everybody interested to learn basic skills for integrating science and art, are welcome to be a part of this workshop: no previous knowledge or experience needed
Participants are required to bring the following materials (contact the organizer for more information):
– Notebook (software needed: processing, arduino, resolume arena, ableton live, LoopMidi, TSPS, Hairless MIDI-Serial) (software trial versions are ok)
– Arduino UNO
– Protoboard
– 5v DC moto-vibrator (tentative)
– 5v  DC motor
– SG90 Servo-motor
– LEDs (red, green, yellow)
– Plug Electric Pencil Welder
– Solder Wire Tin
– Resistors (at least three for every value) (270 Ohm, 330 Ohm, 500 Ohm, 1K Ohm)
– Copper wires and/or Jumpers
– 1kOhm Linear-Potentiometer (at least 2)
– 500ohm Linear-Potentiometer (at least 2)
– PN2222 Transistor
– 1N4001 diode
– HC-SR04 Ultra-sonic sensor (tentative)
– External Webcam (tentative)


Bookings are closed for this event.