Voices Improvising

Ute Wasserman. Photo by Peter Gannushkin

January is an exciting month here at The Willows Nest! We welcome improvising vocalists Gabriel Dharmoo and Chris Tonelli for a workshop on choral improvisation on January 13th. They’ll lead participants in an engaging and participatory voice workshop introducing choral conduction for freely improvising voices. Later that week, on Wednesday January 16, they’ll collaborate on an evening celebrating 65 years of extranormal singing and free jazz in singing. Dr. Tonelli will read excerpts from his forthcoming book Voices Found: Free Jazz and Singing and we will hear performances by several of the vocalists featured in the book, including Berlin-based vocalists David Moss, Tomomi Adachi and Ute Wasserman. Set your voice free in the new year at The Willows Nest!