Anarchy in the Garden provides a platform for female perspectives in the experimental arts, including  electronic and acoustic improvisation, site-specific installation and transmedia, instant composition, movement and performance, storytelling and visual arts, including visual installation with live projection.

This interdisciplinary, international and hybrid indoor-outdoor event is aimed at audiences of all ages, genders, and species. Happening in the beautiful Kühlspot, the day features more than 10 hours of experimental performances, installations, and interventions.

The festival proposes alternative ways of being in the world, fostering sensitivity, responsiveness, openness and vulnerability, creating a real-world community of female creators that through various experimental art and communication forms is capable of holding a nourishing space for artists and audiences alike.

Listen to a conversation about the Festival with organizer Elo Masing and performer JD Zazie on Colaboradio:

“[That night] I saw what I had been taught to ignore, the power of a woman’s body, animated from the inside.”

Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Women Who Run With the Wolves, pp 205

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All Day Pass - Door

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Single Performance

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15.00 Hui-Chun Lin (cello) + Elo Masing (violin)

16.00 Les Demoiselles d’Analogues: Renée T. Coulombe (piano, voice, electronics) + special guest Andreea Hriscu (movement and live visuals)

17.00 Meltem Nil (movement, voice)

18.00 Aine E. Nakamura (voice, body)  + Ilona Perger (piano)

19.00 Marta Talvet (voice, electronics)

20.00 Gabi Schaffner (storytelling)

21.00 Laure Boer (electronics, various instruments)

22.00 Minna Etein (installation, performance)

23.00 Sarah Saviet (violin, electronics)

00.00 JD Zazie (turntables, CDj)