• The Willows Nest is both the home (living space) and music/design studios for transmedia artist Renée T. Coulombe and her 3 cats– as such, it is not a commercial space. We carry business insurance for all of the equipment, as well as personal liability and insurance for the objects in the home, and report all income from our activities to the appropriate Finanzamt. The professional activities in the building are known to the landlord, (including a hostel on the first floor) and I hold the contract on the flat so all artist engagements must be signed off before appearance and these documents will be kept as business records. All documents certifying these reporting or notification procedures are available at any time for artists’ perusal from the host.
  • As we are an artist-run and artist-led space, this means that we keep our overhead expenses very low, and maintain income streams from multiple sources – we are not reliant on door sales for our survival. This means we can take risks with what we present here. That said, several important notes about presentations.  We entertain two possible contracts for events – let us know when you reach out which you are interested in:
  1. The first is events SPONSORED by the Willows Nest: these are events where we do the majority of audience development and PR in-house. In exchange, we collect a flat fee from ticket/door sales/donations to cover our expenses (currently 75 Euro per day), and then divide the rest of proceeds EVENLY between the WILLOWS NEST and ALL presenting artists. The exact percentages to be determined between the house and artists before performance. In exchange artists receive free tech support from the host, as well as the opportunity to record performances. They also assume no financial risk for the performances and will get paid – even before the house.  In cases where the door/ticket sales/donations DO NOT cover daily expenses, the artists will receive whatever proceeds we do take in. We are not a pay-for-play venue, or play-for-free venue, ever. See more on this in  below.
  2. The second are events wishing to book the space for a flat fee and retain all door/ticket/merch sales/donations for themselves. These artists prefer to do their own PR and audience development, and are responsible for running their own tech unless negotiated hourly with the owner. Artists must supply a qualified technical person if the host is not engaged, at the hosts discretion. The host will nonetheless be present at all events. These artists will pay a negotiated flat fee depending on hours in the space, length of event, projected attendance and other factors. All of these will be negotiated and signed off on before the event is booked into the calendar. For these events artists do not share proceeds with the house after the event. For such events a small cleaning deposit will be collected before the event for projected attendance above 50 total. It will be returned when the space is left undamaged.
  • What we guarantee our artists:
    1. You will get paid the negotiated amount at the time of your performance/presentation.
    2. You will have a live recording for your portfolio and all raw audio or video files will be given to you immediately. We will work with you to make the live recording professional quality.
    3. Excerpts of your performance will be featured on our re-launched podcast, Sounds Curious, and shared widely with our Improvised Alchemy, Banshee Media and Willows Nest networks.
    4. We will work with you on press, advertising, event pages, and all media to be sure you are involved in the entire process from start to finish.
  • All artists are welcome to sell merchandise, and a display space can be made for this – the host will not handle these sales, however, and all proceeds remain with the artist – the house will not take a cut of your work.
  • All artists at the Willows Nest must abide by the House Rules: 
  1. Everyone is treated with respect in this home regardless of country of origin, race or ethnicity, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, economic circumstances, political affiliations or views.
  2. This is a place of community, and everyone should feel welcome.
    Absolutely no sexual harassment of artists, guests or host will be tolerated. Equally no harassment of any kitties that might grace events with their presence.
  3. Don’t do anything illegal here, ever.
  4. Come and go quietly through the building – there are neighbors.
  5. Cigarette smoking must be limited to the terrace – there is plenty of space out there and it is lovely and quiet, too.
  6. Stay out of areas designated “private” – this will usually be my bedroom where the cats have their supplies and safe space.
  7. Guests and artists are welcome to bring their own (alcoholic) beverages and food – we prefer eating and drinking remain in the kitchen.
  8. While we think everyone has the right to bodily autonomy and their own choices when out and about in Berlin, any overly intoxicated or visibly drugged guests will be gently but firmly guided toward appropriate transport and the safe location of their choice with all due haste for everyone’s safety.
  9. In general, don’t be a dick.
  10. Don’t let the cats out.
  11. Violators will walk the plank and may be banned from future events in the space.
  • In selecting the artist presentations we sponsor we consider the following factors:
  1. Is the work of high quality?
  2. Does the artist present a good opportunity for guests to experience something unique?
  3. Does the artist benefit from intimate audience interaction – will they welcome it?
  4. Does the performance present an opportunity to hear music in an intimate setting that is often not experienced that way (classical music, experimental, niche genres, transmedia, hybrid performances)
  5. Does the work activate audiences from multiple genres usually considered distinct? Bring together communities or
  6. Is the artist/work underrepresented in Berlin, Germany, or more broadly?
  7. Will the performance help the artist build an audience or portfolio of performances/recordings and assist their professional career?
  • We do not consider:
  1. Can we make money on the performance?
  2. Will we benefit in any other material ways from the performance?
  • In considering non-sponsored events we consider:
  1. Does the event align with our mission for sponsored events?
  2. Do the artists have an opportunity to benefit professionally and financially from the event?
  3. Do the artists have experience running events of this type?
  4. Does the size of our space and our facilities accommodate the projected audience size without excess wear and tear?
  5. Is there a reasonable assurance that artists will treat the space with respect and abide by house rules?
  6. Will we be able to cover our overhead costs and make a modest profit with the event that we can invest back into our sponsored events?
  • For concerts sponsored by the Willows Nest, we reserve the right to make media documentation (still photos, video, audio recordings) for PR and Documentation. Artists retain the commercial rights, however. These will never be published in their entirety without expressed artist permission and a second contract with our in-house publishing concern Banshee Media. However, we may publish excerpts from the workshop or performance to our social media networks to build a following for future events. We reserve the right of first refusal for all recordings that might be published if recorded at the Willows Nest, but we’re not dicks about it.  We reserve this mostly for future membership opportunities, where we might release in house mastered recordings of all monthly performances for a subscription fee.  This would in turn fund performances so everyone’s pay increases.
  • No recordings of non-sponsored events will be made – still photographs may be taken for publicity purposes. Artists retain the rights to these images and high-res copies will be furnished at their request.
  • Any additional questions may be directed to the host at any time before or after events are contracted.