The artists at Improvised Alchemy are drawn from both academia and professional careers around the globe.  We came together over the past decade to sustain unique collaborations across borders, genres and disciplines.  While we specialize now in transmedia performance and installation as a whole, we practice and teach a host of disciplines.  We wanted a casual, intimate space where we could build a community around collaborative artists sharing their work, where the line between performer and audience could be consistently blurred, we wanted a space to present some of the finest up-and-coming artists along side seasoned professionals we never get to hear in small venues any more.  We wanted to dream a new kind of community, where creativity in all its forms could be encouraged, and new dreams could be inspired.

Thus The Willows Nest was born: the brainchild of Improvised Alchemy founder Renée T. Coulombe.  The space is a light filled attic apartment with incredible acoustics and space to create.  Home to ongoing workshops in free improvisation, Sonic Meditation,™ music composition, and sound art, the space also features master classes with guest artists, workshops in many kinds of music making and performance, dream work, and movement for artists.  We feature a lively weekly roster of house concerts, where you can experience performance in an environment that invites engagement with the performers.  Audience members can bring wine, enjoy food served by the host, and sprawl on comfortable pillows and furniture to open up the mind for artistic mastery.

As a private home when we are not open for concerts or classes, we are not open.  We that everyone considering attending any event at the Willow’s Nest RSVP through the website for admittance before attending, as places for every class and concert will be strictly limited.  The small space guarantees intimacy, but sells out quickly.  We aim to keep our classes, workshops and concerts accessible to the community, so those with limited means can contact us about scholarships and volunteer opportunities.  We encourage any and all artists, regardless of style, genre or discipline, reach out about presenting at The Willows Nest – as a space by, for and about the artistic community  -we are a space where all are safe and welcome, exploration and encounter are sacred, and the way that cannot be spoken is most definitely the way.